BAMA Environmental is dedicated to safeguarding the environment through our services in Waste Management and Recycling Management. Our offering allows us to create positive impacts for our clients and the community in creating a clean and safe environment.


At BAMA Environmental, we are dedicated to providing efficient and fast waste management solutions for our clients. Our industrial and commercial waste and collection services span across various industries including construction sites, factories, shopping complexes, and industrial areas.


We offer customised recycling programmes to suit our clients' needs, thus making it easier for our clients to reduce, reuse & recyle their waste and comply with the NEA Waste Minimisation and Recycling initiative.

BAMA Environmental has its own Material Recovery Facility (MRF) where the recyclables are sorted according to the material such as paper, plastic and glass, before they are sent to recycle facilities. Our partnership with other recycling companies allow us to provide a meaningful contribution to the community, and deliver our promise to put our environment and client first.

We follow high standards by using waste management methods to ensure that the environment is unharmed, and the interest of the public is safeguarded.